The International Piano Teachers Association has a clear social mission:

Provide inspiring, challenging, high-quality piano professional education and practical research, allow more people to accept the educational value of learning musical instruments, promote outstanding piano teaching and performance, and improve the professional standard of teachers.

By uniting authoritative social institutions, we will build a professional piano education ecosystem, promote the sound development of the industry, and promote the prosperity and development of the global piano art education.

Our mission

Serving global music lovers, piano educators, and young children's piano education systems, it is committed to promoting the development of the global piano education art field tapping the value of piano educators, youth and children in artistic accomplishments in various countries, and providing the opportunity and platform for piano educators and young children to showcase their artistic talents. That is an international piano culture and art exchange platform that respects and values academicity, professionalism, and individuality, which is open and interactive.

Our education vision

Technological, social and economic developments have influenced and changed the artistic atmosphere and values around us both now and in the future. The International Piano Teachers Association has made an important contribution to these necessary changes by meeting the needs of piano art and the world of the future. Our importance also lies in our regional, national and international impact on the implementation of social change. Our added value lies in our positive role to design and develop a society full of artistic atmosphere, sustainable and fair.

We link the development of music talents with changes in social institutions and work areas to achieve value-added empowerment. Our role as a global institution with an open field of expertise is to provide a workable form by linking piano education and research to current social issues. This is how we contribute to the promotion of piano education, the prosperity of piano culture in developing countries, and the innovation of the global piano art profession and the social sector. We work with our social partners to set regional, national and international agendas. We are proactive and future-oriented in order to have the necessary impact on society today and in the future.

We achieve this value by investing in piano professionals. For us, talent is a personal talent or trait that enables you to contribute to society in order for people to make use of their strengths. But striving for professional progress can enable everyone with a music dream to discover and develop themselves into high-level talents. Everyone who wants to continue their professional development in music, we have a music culture and social background for all People with lofty ideals provide space.