Outstanding Teacher Selection

Contest Introduction

The driving force of good teachers

Cultivating more outstanding teachers of piano teaching is an important way to improve the quality of social piano teaching, and the necessary reward mechanism has become a booster for the training and selection of outstanding piano teachers. We use the comprehensive and detailed criteria for identifying outstanding teachers as well as the selection criteria for awards To summarize the characteristics of outstanding piano teachers: Excellent piano teachers have solid knowledge and diversified abilities, have benevolence and mutual love, play a leading role in demonstration, have been widely recognized, have superb playing skills, super performance and contribution , And this is also the guiding direction of the selection of outstanding piano teachers.

The selection of outstanding piano teachers is a project jointly participated by members of institutions around the world. Our purpose is to promote the creation and promotion of the global piano teacher team. Countries should build on their own traditions and characteristics to build outstanding teacher evaluation standards that focus on performance contributions and multi-party recognition In order to promote construction through evaluation, in the process of construction, point by point, strengthen demonstration and lead, and promote the transition from "individual excellence" to "group excellence".

Purpose of the activity

With excellent selection mechanism to promote the construction of piano teacher team, improve the comprehensive quality of global teachers, and promote the development of global piano education.

Active object

Those who are directly engaged in piano teaching, scientific research, and creative piano education in piano positions.

Way of participation

The official selection channel, the specific participation methods and selection methods can be found in the official charter of each country's official website.

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